Dirty Bingo

Dirty Bingo is the most super amount of fun one can possibly have while playing Bingo with your pants on! Dirty Bingo incorporates traditional Bingo, sex toys from various locations including Mars, jokes and free drinks. Instead of winning diapers and Wherthers Originals candies, people win sex toys or free booze! B as in Boners! Dirty Bingo shows are also available for private events! Email us today by visiting our contact page. Click on a picture below to see where you can play Dirty Bingo in Orlando!

We offer Dirty Bingo at the following locations!

Waitiki – Sundays Tilted Kilt – Thursdays Graffiti Junktion – Saturdays
Sunday Dirty Bingo at Waitiki Thursday Dirty Bingo at Tilted Kilt Saturday Dirty Bingo at Graffiti Junktion